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Yost Network Solutions

Our team at Yost Network Solutions provides cost-effective solutions with outstanding team support to increase your company’s productivity and protection. Our services are smart solutions that ensure your company keeps up with the unceasingly growing Columbus market.

We focus on delivering a wide variety of IT services to help your business make operation management run smoother.  These services include business center solutions, network monitoring, network cabling, network security, secure remote access, and Computer/Hardware Setup and Maintenance.

Our knowledgeable staff members are available 24/7 to assist you, we only choose skilled professionals to be part of our team to ensure we provide you with nothing more than the best service in the area.

Over the years we have successfully built a long line of loyal customers, our innovative business solutions are tailored to fit your management’s needs, including business automation.

We pride ourselves on having one of the fastest ticket response times in Columbus, Ohio. Working with us means you’re choosing highly-skilled professionals in the business.


Network Monitoring

Our team offers a selection of networking monitoring services for your business. We let skilled IT work with your company’s intrusion detection systems, CPU use, and network traffic analysis.

We also provide a complete network set-up as well as hands-on design services. In other words, we help you from the planning stage up to the implementation.

The ITs of our team helps you create a new infrastructure, so you can maximize your resources, and increase business revenue. We can also upgrade your current network, making it more suitable for your needs.


Network Cabling

We eliminate the struggles of having to deal with all of your cabling and wiring needs. Our team is composed of highly-skilled experts who have years of experience in network cabling, handling the planning stage to the cable implementation.

Our staff is highly capable of working with every technology type, which includes data and server cabling, equipment wiring, and phone wiring.


Network Security

We make sure your network is well-secured to prevent hackers and identity thieves from attacking your private network. We offer tailor-made solutions for your business to keep your company in Columbus safe from these threats.

Take advantage of our exclusive scanning procedures, it helps us to find and fix security lapses in your company. We find the security holes before the identity thieves could find them, giving you up-to-date network security for your business.



We ensure your sensitive files are completely safe from PCs outside the network. Our team strengthens the security to safeguard your company files. We cover your end-point security and we utilize SSL VPN for authentication and data encryption. Our professional staff makes sure your data is safe and secured.


Computer/Hardware Setup and Maintenance

We provide you a complete computer setup and maintenance service for hands-free experience. Our experienced team takes care of your company PC’s physical parts, including keyboards, hard drives, and cables. We organize them, and make sure they’re in good running condition.

Our team regularly checks on your set-up in our regular maintenance service. We clean your computer to lengthen its life, freeing it from drugs, and keeping your computer’s hard drives in check.



Our team takes preventive measures to ensure your network infrastructure is free from malfunction, destruction, and unauthorized access. We provide you with custom made network security solutions to make sure you’re using a secure platform in your company.

We configure both your systems and networks appropriately, take action when network traffic picks up a problem or when someone changed configuration settings, and respond to the concerns right away to avoid it from getting any bigger.

Success stems from making the right choices. Choose Yost Network Solutions.