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Redundant Power Management Solutions in Columbus, Ohio.

Yost Network Solutions can recommend power management solutions, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) battery backups, for your business. For protection when the power goes out, so your systems continue to operate, we can recommend the battery backup that’s right for your company.

Having a redundant solution is no longer an option – it’s a necessity! You definitely don’t want business to stop due to a power outage. For network and server protection, UPS batteries are a reliable solution.

What’s Your Size and Ride Out Time?

When choosing a UPS solution for your business there is some important info we’ll need to know, such as how much power you need and how long the ride out time should be. We’ll determine your combined power consumption, based on your existing network, while also keeping in mind future growth.

Don’t lose any work due to a power outage. UPS batteries can actually last for a very long time. The important thing is to determine the financial impact your company would face if business stopped. A battery backup for redundancy is insurance for your company.

Server Room on UPS Battery Backup for Redundancy

Smaller offices can benefit from portable, tower-based units. Mid-sized offices may need a rack-mount unit. Does your office have a server room or IT closet? Redundant power solutions ensure that your networking equipment still operates even without utility power.

Success stems from making the right choices. Choose Yost Network Solutions.