Business Continuity

Business Continuity Services

Almost every organization today functions on an internet-based network. With cyber-crime on the rise and the probability of failure of hardware and software being fairly high, keeping afloat while these threats haunt any organization seems scary and has the potential to cost any business tons of money.

To these modern problems, there indeed are modern solutions. Business continuity or Business IT continuity is a recovery solution for a business to stay functioning when a tech-based disaster occurs. In other words, business continuity planning helps a company retain most of its lost data and functionality during a crisis that affects its network.

For this, any company must always be alert and ready to manage such disasters. Earlier, it used to be relatively expensive to manage infrastructure, take an IT disaster management measure, but ever since cloud computing technology has gained popularity, many IT disaster management solutions are getting a run for their money.

No one can really predict when a disaster can occur, and no one ever knows the overall impact of these disasters. There are many things that can cause any business to go offline and face downtime. Even a mere downtime of minutes can cost a large enterprise millions of dollars. Many times, the impact of the disaster is also unknown.

Cyber-attacks, natural disasters, human error, and hardware failure are the leading causes of data loss and major downtime in many organizations. The only key to defend the company from these calamities is a business continuity solution.

The most fundamental thing for any business continuity solution is to keep the essential functions running while a disaster occurs while retrieving most of the lost data and keeping the least downtime as possible.

To elaborate, any organization does not need all of its functions running in a worst-case scenario. So, the first step of business continuity planning is to figure out what are the key essentials of the company that should be running during the downtime.

Yost Network Solutions provides resilience, recovery, and contingency during the time of any crisis. Our robust procedure makes it very simple for your organization during the time of distress.

We first do a business impact analysis (BIA) to highlight the critical aspects of your business. After our risk analysis, we take prominent steps like data redundancy, data surplus, and staffing rotations to be ready for all possible disasters.

We set recovery time objectives for systems and networks. This helps prioritize and recover the most important data first. Disk mirroring procedures help us help you keep all your data up to date and in storage just in case. Our contingency plans are a wide range of procedures and chain of commands that distribute responsibilities within the organization.

At the end of the day, our job is to prevent any major calamity from affecting your business and to recover any, if not all, lost data. We stop at nothing to make this happen.

Success stems from making the right choices. Choose Yost Network Solutions.