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Network Engineering Services in Columbus, Ohio.

Yost Network Solutions IT consultants can review all areas of your networking infrastructure and provide recommendations on the best network solutions for your business environment. We specialize in high-level computer network design and planning; we can recommend, configure, install and maintain the right products for your needs.

Sure, we can do something as simple as setting up your computer, but our specialty lies in network engineering. Your networking environment connects office computers to servers, printers, routers, scanners, firewalls, access points, the internet, and more. The key is setting up a network that is efficient, resilient and scalable.

Not only can we set up your local network and get you connected to the internet, if you need to connect to remote offices, because employees work from home networks, we can do that too. In addition to getting everything set up and configured we can also update your cabling infrastructure to meet current speed and code requirements.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

Need a remote access solution that’s guaranteed to be secure? When an out-of-the-box solution just won’t do, we can create a secure remote access solution for your business using a high-security VPN or other remote access technology.

Network Security for Your Business

We understand server operating systems and can solve or proactively avoid security problems. If your employees access shared folders off your server, we can make sure the appropriate permissions are applied to each folder so each user has the correct access to the information they need.

Success stems from making the right choices. Choose Yost Network Solutions.