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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services in Columbus, Ohio.

Yost Network Solutions provides comprehensive and affordable disaster recovery and business continuity services to protect your irreplaceable data and mitigate the undesirable effects of unexpected outages on your business.

Disasters can’t be avoided. The best way to plan is to plan to fail. Utilizing the latest and greatest products in disaster recovery and business continuity, we can recommend several solutions that fit your needs and budget.

As part of your disaster recovery plan, make sure to protect your IT infrastructure. Whether a natural disaster or manmade, having the right backup is an integral part of recovering your data and maintaining the technology systems that support your critical business functions.
What’s the window of time that your company can comfortably be down? 4 hours? 2 days?

Datto is a premier backup solution perfect for businesses that deal with sensitive information such as banks, CPAs and sales. According Datto’s website, only 6 percent of companies without a disaster recovery plan are able to survive a disaster. Damages can include forfeited sales and compliance liabilities to name a few.

Redundant Failover Systems

What if your building catches on fire and maybe your networking infrastructure goes with it? Utilizing system redundancy and business continuity solutions allows you to get your environment back up and running in a short period of time.

Preventive Maintenance for Your Network

Consistent and regular network maintenance is the key to a healthy network. We can monitor almost every networkable component within your environment to ensure that each component is operating as it should.

Success stems from making the right choices. Choose Yost Network Solutions.