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VOIP Phone System Services in Columbus, Ohio.

What is VoIP?

The Internet has made our lives much easier, and it is still making it easier in many newer ways. It provides us various audio and video communication services, and this has become crucial for businesses and families to keep in touch.

VoIP is the modern version of phone calls where all you require is a basic internet connection and a VoIP service on both ends of the channel. If you need a VoIP device, you can have it installed as well, but it’s not entirely necessary. A simple mobile or desktop application can run this service.

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technology that aims to get rid of physical telephone lines by providing a similar communication channel over the internet. Such a network works well whether the other participant has VoIP or a regular phone line. It is similar to a normal telephone call, you need to call the person and they have to answer it.

VoIP has great applications in the business industry as businesses tend to be on call 24/7 to discuss and have various branches all over the world. You can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time with this technology and you won’t incur heavy charges.

Benefits of VOIP

●     Geographical distribution is not an issue

Even if you need to contact someone from India, although you are in the USA, you can just ring them up using VoIP and get connected within a few seconds.

Normal telephone connections charge extra for overseas calls and it can become quite a hefty phone bill at the end of the month.

●     Cheap

Compared to traditional telephone connections VOIP is cheaper. No extra costs for any call and easy to set up as well. You hardly need to purchase any hardware specifically for calling, you can use your existing systems or mobile phones. Your employees can each have a smartphone while sharing external phone lines to save money, as pricing is based on calls, not the number of extensions.

●     Easy to use (User-Friendly)

You don’t need to be a technology wiz to use VoIP. In fact, by combining data into one network, your business communication actually becomes more manageable. The scalability makes it easy to upgrade as your business grows. There’s no need for complex applications to run this service either. A simple phone dialer app can connect you in seconds which makes it quite user-friendly.

●     Availability

Such a network is hosted on the cloud to ensure 24/7 availability. The only downtime you will ever face is when the servers are under maintenance, but even this might be scarce as all servers wouldn’t go down at the same time. If one server is under maintenance, traffic is routed to the alternate servers to keep the connections up and running.

●     Flexible

Most VoIP systems do not require extra cables, they can be set up using the existing network cables. You can extend the VoIP service to printers and fax machines to send and receive important documents and memos all over a wireless connection. These benefits increase employee productivity and improve customer service.

Ready for VOIP service?

Yost Networking Solutions can set up your company’s VoIP telephone system so you can get the reliability you need while saving money on your phone bills. As mentioned, VoIP allows you to make calls using the internet rather than an analog phone system. The benefit of a VoIP system is we can utilize your existing network cabling, which is already in place.

It’s safe to say almost all businesses rely on telephones. To understand how you use your phone system, we collect basic information about your company such as the number of employees, for what purpose do you use your phones, and do you have remote offices. This helps us to provide the right VoIP service for your business.

Contact us today to see how easy it would be to upgrade your business phone systems!

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