VoIP for Modern Businesses

Every day, numerous internet services are innovated, some are really helpful while some are just for the sake of it. VOIP is one such internet service and has become quite popular, especially in the business sector.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP is a communication service similar to the traditional telephone lines, but it works totally on the internet. You have the same functionality of ringing up a person and them answering, but it is cheaper and much more efficient.

Most companies, of all magnitudes, have switched over to VOIP service already, and if you are still using the traditional telephone services, then you might want to switch over to VOIP. The only major requirement for a VOIP service is a strong and constant internet connection.

Why should you switch to VOIP?

1.   It is more than just calling

VOIP is not just a simple internet telephone service, it is much more than that. You can integrate your emails, faxes, and other communication channels. Since most businesses deal with various communication channels, having all of them combined on one platform makes it easier and much more effective.

VOIP services also provide voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, call directory, redialing, and much more. As you can see, they provide modern call management features.

2.   Better collaboration

VOIP services provide seamless, clear audio as well as noiseless, high definition video and this is a great advantage for teams collaborating from anywhere in the world. You can connect with anyone and everyone in the team and you can also provide different access codes.

You can connect with your team no matter where you are and you can also control all your emails, faxes, and voicemails from your desktop PC or smartphone.

3.   Availability

There are some common drawbacks with analog telephone services, such as unwanted downtime and maintenance, but VOIP overcomes this with 24/7 availability due to the good maintenance of servers.

Even if the servers are taken down for maintenance, the traffic will be routed to an alternate server so that there is zero downtime. The VOIP applications update automatically, so that you never have to manually stay updated or interrupt your work to update the software.

No weather or unforeseen situation will affect your communication channels, this maintains the continuity of your business.

4.   Cost-saving

One of the biggest advantages of VOIP services is how cheap they are compared to traditional phone services. You require almost no additional hardware to be set up as it uses existing network lines.

Calls are also not charged differently based on geographical locations (long-distance charges). Based on the size of your business and communication requirements there are various packages provided for VOIP services.

Companies typically provide standard headsets and a computer for every employee to attend their calls, and in rare cases, a VOIP device is set up in the conference room or meeting room.

It reduces traveling costs as you can just conference call from your home even though you are not physically present at the office.

5.   Easy to use

Due to the evolution of the internet and various devices, VOIP services are easy to use. You might have to install a different VOIP application that does similar actions such as your normal video call application or dialer. If you have emails and faxes integrated, you can access them all in one application.

Due to the efficiency of VOIP services, you can also reach customer care quickly and resolve your issues as soon as possible. When you’re on the move or on vacation, you can rest easy knowing how easy it is to connect with your team for anything.

6.   Multiple calls

The traditional telephone lines only allow one connection at a time, but VOIP services support multiple calls at the same time. This also includes various group and conference calls; this enables various teams to be connected at the same time.

This helps various teams, managers and any official to connect together with their clients to discuss or resolve any issues.


VOIP has many benefits with very little or no downsides at all. If your company is already investing in huge phone bills, it is advisable to switch over to VOIP. The company might already be paying for a network and VOIP will just be an addition to it.

If your internet is unreliable then VOIP will just be an added headache. For a perfect VOIP service, a strong and reliable internet connection is a must.

You can get high-quality internet and VOIP services from Yost Network Solutions. We will partner with you to analyze your requirements and suggest the right packages to fit your company’s needs.

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